FinTech, the incoming blockchain technology The Decentralized Autonomous Organization
 Chen H Huang, Shan L Pan, Tzu C Chou   2016/11/06
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LeEco----Building Business Ecosystem
 Shan L Pan, Qian Sun, Jun Y Liu   2016/08/28
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German Renewable Energy Process: Energy Avantgarde Anhalt (EAA)
 Shan L Pan, Qian Sun   2016/08/28
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Daji Town, Cao County in Shandong: rural areas changed by "Taobao"
 Qi Gu, Lili Cui, Shan L Pan   2016/07/29
The southwest area of Shandong is the area of poverty and backwardness and it is also a major burden in economy in terms of Shandong province. This area is the traditional agricultural township and a weak industrial base. However,...
Freight App: How Does Mobile Internet Subversive the Conventional Freight Market
 Wen J Li, Wenyu (Derek) Du   2016/06/29
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Enabling Learning through Gamification – A Case of Digital Learning at UNSW Australia
 Amelia Carbonie   2016/06/06
Digital technology is also playing an increasing role for both lecturers and tutors in the teaching of Microeconomics 1, with platforms such as Moodle and OpenLearning complementing the more traditional face-to-face methods of lea...
Airbnb: Transforming the Accommodation Industry
 Robin Ang   2016/06/06
Airbnb is the biggest global Peer to Peer (P2P) accommodation provider that is operated without owning a single property. It’s business model is focused on a “host” providing a listing onto its website for a “guest” to reserve and...
Netflix: Transformation of the Video Rental Market
 Thomas Lister   2016/06/06
Netflix is one of the largest online streaming platforms, with up to 81 million subscribers around the world. Netflix initially established itself as a DVD-rental organization and struggled to successfully gain traction in the DVD...
Riot Games: Changing the Traditional Perception of Sports
 Amelia Carbonie   2016/06/06
Sports are a skill-based activity traditionally associated with physical exertion where teams and/or individuals compete against others. During the past decade, this perception of sports has been challenged by the rising popularit...
Huangshan 168:“Internet Plus” Outdoor Adventure
 Ning Zhou, Xiaoting Han, Tingting Hu, Chuanxian Ha   2016/05/22
Beijing Tourye Outdoors Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to outdoor team building, experiential training in real settings, youth outdoor training, entrepreneur light adventure and cultural product development...
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