Daji Town, Cao County in Shandong: rural areas changed by "Taobao"
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Category:Social Case
The southwest area of Shandong is the area of poverty and backwardness and it is also a major burden in economy in terms of Shandong province. This area is the traditional agricultural township and a weak industrial base. However, such an economically backward rural area has created a miracle. In 2014, in ‘the second China Summit Forum on the village of China’, Cao county was awarded the title of the first batch of Chinese "Taobao town". In the 2015 China Taobao Village Research Report, " which Ali Institute released showed that by 2015, there was 780 Taobao villages which meet the standard. Meanwhile, the number of Taobao village in Heze City has reached 35, ranking seventh in the national prefecture level city. The Taobao villages are all located in Cao County. Cao County formed to gather large Taobao village cluster, which was ranking second place in the national top ten Taobao village cluster. People used the virtue of their wisdom taking the fast train to Internet e-commerce, to the Internet. The government takes the major role to form a booming market and this changed "Taobao" country leads to a high level of economic development and lead to a group prosperous.
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