Sunshine Child Rehabilitation Center: Walking on the Road of “Internet plus” Social Enterprise
 Jian-lin Wu   2017/02/19
The business model of the public welfare is changing because of the rapid development of internet technology. The traditional offline model of public welfare was niche, closed and inefficient, whereas the new model with internet p...
FinTech, the incoming blockchain technology The Decentralized Autonomous Organization
 Chen H Huang, Shan L Pan, Tzu C Chou   2016/11/06
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LeEco----Building Business Ecosystem
 Shan L Pan, Qian Sun, Jun Y Liu   2016/08/28
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German Renewable Energy Process: Energy Avantgarde Anhalt (EAA)
 Shan L Pan, Qian Sun   2016/08/28
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Kan Zhong Yi: Online and Offline, Dual-Core Powered Mobile Health App
 Ning Zhou, Jing Chen, Tingting Hu, Zhongfeng Qin   2016/08/25
“Kan Zhong Yi” is a mobile app designed to reserve Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors for home visiting. Based on operation experience of offline TCM hospital, rich TCM resources and deep understanding on TCM market, “Kan ...
Daji Town, Cao County in Shandong: rural areas changed by "Taobao"
 Qi Gu, Lili Cui, Shan L Pan   2016/07/29
The southwest area of Shandong is the area of poverty and backwardness and it is also a major burden in economy in terms of Shandong province. This area is the traditional agricultural township and a weak industrial base. However,...
KFC Concept Store’s Technology Applications and CRM
 Kaiki Kam, Wenyu Du   2016/07/20
First KFC's concept store “Original+” opened in China, which has been designed “digitally", is the result of a collaborative effort between KFC,the US-based Yum Brands Inc. and Baidu, the Chinese web services giant. KFC is not jus...
StyleSeat: Introducing O2O to the beauty industry
 Jing Han, Wenyu Du   2016/07/11
StyleSeat launched in May 2011, and has since expanded to more than 30,000 professionals in 4,300 cities. The site is designed to make it easy for consumers to find and schedule an appointment without picking up the phone, just as...
OFO Bicycle: Value of Convenience Added via Sharing Bicycle
 Yalin Zheng, Wenyu Du   2016/07/06
OFO Bicycle, a bicycle rental company unique for its business model which applied APP system and sharing economy principle. The team started up from Beijing University and tested the water successfully in the partner campuses arou...
Sfbest: Supply Chain Management in Fresh Food E-commerce Market
 Jiajia Gao, Wenyu Du   2016/07/06
Sfbest is an online shopping mall founded by SF, which focuses on quality and safe food all over the world. The website launched on May 31th, 2012 formally and the category of commodities is over 10,000,70% of which are imported f...
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