Sunshine Child Rehabilitation Center: Walking on the Road of “Internet plus” Social Enterprise
 Jian-lin Wu   2017/02/19
The business model of the public welfare is changing because of the rapid development of internet technology. The traditional offline model of public welfare was niche, closed and inefficient, whereas the new model with internet p...
German Renewable Energy Process: Energy Avantgarde Anhalt (EAA)
 Shan L Pan, Qian Sun   2016/08/28
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Daji Town, Cao County in Shandong: rural areas changed by "Taobao"
 Qi Gu, Lili Cui, Shan L Pan   2016/07/29
The southwest area of Shandong is the area of poverty and backwardness and it is also a major burden in economy in terms of Shandong province. This area is the traditional agricultural township and a weak industrial base. However,...
OFO Bicycle: Value of Convenience Added via Sharing Bicycle
 Yalin Zheng, Wenyu Du   2016/07/06
OFO Bicycle, a bicycle rental company unique for its business model which applied APP system and sharing economy principle. The team started up from Beijing University and tested the water successfully in the partner campuses arou...
The emergence of Impact Sourcing in India
 Sandeep Mysore, Ravishankar M.N   2016/05/15
Impact sourcing is the practice of bringing digitally-enabled outsourcing jobs to marginalized communities. The emergence of “impact sourcing” as a way of achieving social innovation through outsourcing is gaining mainstream recog...
Building Environmental Resilience through Social Media
 Shamshul Bahri, Ali Fauzi   2016/04/05
Information and communication technologies (ICT), especially social media have played important roles in inculcating environmental sustainability values among the general public. The ability to attract the attention and enhance th...
Genkai Shuraku (Marginalised Hamlets) in Japan: Regional Revitalization Based on ICT
 Tingting Huang, Shan L Pan   2016/03/08
As the Genkai Shuraku (marginalised hamlets) problem in Japan is becoming increasingly serious, the utilization of ICT to achieve regional revitalization is attracting wider attention. Kamikatsu Town (located in Tokushima Prefectu...
German Region of Anhalt: Sustainable Renewable Energy Initiative
 Hendrik Send, Matti Grosse   2016/02/29
The German government has established the goal of developing a sustainable energy system based primarily on renewables by the year 2035. This implies an intense pressure for change at all levels and on all actors in the energy mar...
“Random Street Snapshots to Rescue Child Beggars”: Micro-Power and Micro-Philanthropy in China
 Haiqing Yu   2016/02/26
This case reviews a micro-blog event of the year 2011—“Random Street Snapshots to Rescue Child Beggars”—in order to illustrate the role of social media in Chinese civic movements. This Weibo (micro-blog) based event represents the...
China Deng Fei’s “Free Lunch”: Experience Economy and Connective Politics
 Haiqing Yu   2016/02/26
This case examines the role of social media in the rise of micro- philanthropy and grassroots associations in China, with a focus on Deng Fei’s “Free Lunch (for School Kids)” initiative. In particular, it discusses how Deng and hi...
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