We aim to inspire future leaders by disseminating the world's best practices of digital enablement
Founded by Professor Shan L Pan in 2015, DEP is a crowdsourcing project aimed at sharing relevant and interesting digital enablement phenomena, especially those that are often overlooked and under researched. In an effort to create awareness in-and-around digitally enabled business and social innovation, DEP provides an open platform to connect ideas, resources and people around the world. DEP is working towards developing an ecosystem that facilitates and sustains conversations,
engagement and collaboration around digital enablement issues.
We hope to offer help, in our capacity, to the needy schools in order to enhance the accessibility
of learning.
We welcome all – academic, schools that wish to be adopted, and organizations – to join this open platform of DEP to contribute
to the society with your work, to get to know others who share the same passion in giving back, and to have fun!